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Visual Literacy is Essential - Thinking Sheet

In the digital era reading visuals for meaning is key to effective communication. Use this Thinking Sheet with your students to explore what visual literacy is, why it is important, and how sketches, drawings, and three-dimensional models help make thinking visible. #2020 ...

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Do You See What I Hear PDF: Crayola Create-to-Learn Family Projects

Visualization means making mental pictures of stories or information. When children make mental pictures of what they hear it helps them build reading comprehension and memory skills and focus on the main ideas and detailed descriptions. In this at-home project, children will visualize what...

Do You See What I Hear_Animated Video Project-final.pdf

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The Best of Me PDF: Crayola Create-to-Learn Family Projects

When children show their best selves in different situations it helps them develop confidence and self-awareness. In this project, children will identify their strengths and best qualities. They will use this information to create illustrations of themselves interacting with others in...

The Best of Me_Animated Video Project_final.pdf

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Everyone Has Feelings VIDEO: Crayola Create-to-Learn Family Projects

"Everyone Has Feelings" prompts social and emotional awareness and inspires children to create, present, respond, and connect as they learn. Children build social and emotional skills by identifying what other people feel and recognizing feelings in themselves. In this activity, children will...

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Make Thinking Visible

Make Thinking Visible article from Principal Magazine #artintegration #visualartsandliteracy ​​