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Foot Traffic PDF: Crayola Create-to-Learn Family Projects

What is a measurement? Why should children experiment with nonstandard measurements? When children use non-standard measuring objects instead of standard tools such as rulers and measuring tape they learn why standardized measurements are important. In this downloadable lesson, children will...

Foot Traffic_Animated Video Project_final.pdf

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Foot Traffic VIDEO: Crayola Create-to-Learn Family Projects

"Foot Traffic" builds math skills and inspires children to create, present, respond, and connect as they learn. People measure all types of things every day—distances walked, sizes of clothing, quantities of food, and time for cooking. In this at-home activity video, children will trace their...

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Moved by Math Grades 3-5

Celebrate creativity with this activity that incorporates math, sculpting, and drawing! #familyengagement ​​ #ClassroomIdeaStarter ​​​ #2019 #MovedbyMath #Video #artintegration #math #multiliteracies #Educators #Families