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WEBINAR: Gifts from Hand and Heart

Gifts of Kindness are special when they come from our head, hands and heart. Join us as we discuss the benefits of this mindset among educators, students and families. Together, we will explore different ideas you can use to inspire kindness in your learning environments. Participants engage...

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Winter Activity Ideas

We stumbled across this great list of 31 Days of Winter Activities for Kids from the Artful Parent and we love the way it's categorized. As we head into the holidays in this difficult year, hopefully, You can some additional color and joy to your season by bringing these great creative ideas...

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WEBINAR: Creating Confidence & Growth Mindset

When something is created, something bigger happens! Join us as we explore what creativity means and bust creativity myths. Participants will receive Thinking Sheets that explore creative confidence and can be used with colleagues, students, and families. We will demonstrate...


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Uncover & Unleash Students’ Creative Potential PDF

In today’s classrooms, educators inspire future technological and social innovators, artists, and policymakers. How can their creativity be fueled so they reach their full creative potential? Read how to uncover students’ creative potential in this article from NAESP’s Principal Magazine. ...

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creatED Sample PD Sequence

Forget sit and get PD! See what makes creatED professional development visibly different with our sample learning pathway! #2019 #creatEDSchool #ProfessionalDevelopment #Process #Resource #Download #creativeteachingstrategy #Educators