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WEBINAR: Empower Student Voice with Art

Art is one of the earliest forms of communication. It is through the process of art-making that we gain an understanding of oneself, communicate ideas that raise awareness of a cause, document history, or have a voice in a global conversation. Join us for an engaging webinar as our...

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Thinking Sheet: SEEK the Artist’s Intent

Artists communicate messages through the use of composition, colors, patterns, and symbols. Respond to these questions to reveal the artist’s intent and the messages the art conveys. How can students use their visual voice to convey messages that spark positive change? Explore this question and...

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WEBINAR: Gifts from Hand and Heart

Gifts of Kindness are special when they come from our head, hands and heart. Join us as we discuss the benefits of this mindset among educators, students and families. Together, we will explore different ideas you can use to inspire kindness in your learning environments. Participants engage...

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