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WEBINAR: Creative Approaches to Student Leadership

Leaders are curious, inspire others to care, and reimagine a better future. By their nature, children embody these leadership qualities. What if every student’s leadership superpowers were unleashed? During this webinar panelists including student and school leaders will share stories of...

 04-28-2021 | 16:00 - 17:00 ET

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WEBINAR: Creativity Connects the World - Preparing Students to be Global Citizens

The world seems smaller and more connected today than ever before. Art that represents many countries and cultures helps students develop a global mindset and build an understanding of self and others. This webinar’s panelists will bring the global picture into focus for educators and students. ...

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WEBINAR: Gifts from Hand and Heart

Gifts of Kindness are special when they come from our head, hands and heart. Join us as we discuss the benefits of this mindset among educators, students and families. Together, we will explore different ideas you can use to inspire kindness in your learning environments. Participants engage...

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WEBINAR: Reimagining Back-to-School

Join the Crayola Education Team and our Special Guests as we discuss Reimaging Back-to-School in a new normal. SPECIAL GUEST EXPERTS Mario Rossero Executive Director National Art Education Association Sharon Defelice Director, Innovation & Consumer Insights ...


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WEBINAR: Creating Confidence & Growth Mindset

When something is created, something bigger happens! Join us as we explore what creativity means and bust creativity myths. Participants will receive Thinking Sheets that explore creative confidence and can be used with colleagues, students, and families. We will demonstrate...


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