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Student Thinking Sheet: Symbolism

Create a flag with symbols that can retell a historical story or represent a significant event. Consider how artists communicate ideas through the use of lines, colors, shapes, and visual composition. Combine art and writing. Write a poem or narrative to accompany the new flag and explain the...

FREEDOM - Reflect and Celebrate - SYMBOLISM.pdf

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Student Thinking Sheet: Liberation and Freedom

Use this #ThinkingSheet to create a poster that shows your thoughts about liberation and freedom. How could words and symbols be used to express emotions and events in your art? What scenes comes to mind and what experiences do you visualize? Consider how this art could be shared broadly,...

FREEDOM - Reflect and Celebrate - LIBERATION and FREEDOM.pdf

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Student Thinking Sheet: Liberating Spaces

Create a sketch that represents a feeling of being free. Where do you feel free? Is it a physical, emotional, or mental space? Consider ways you could modify this space to increase the sense of comfort, growth, or pride. What would you add to, keep, or remove from this space? Add vibrant colors...

FREEDOM - Reflect and Celebrate - LIBERATING SPACES.pdf

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Student Thinking Sheet: Celebrations of Freedom around the Globe

Think about how people and countries around the globe celebrate their independence through cultural celebrations and national holidays. How are they similar to or different from how you and your family celebrate freedom? The United States Constitution guarantees the liberties of its citizens...

FREEDOM - Reflect and Celebrate - CELEBRATIONS of FREEDOM.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: The 5 Cs of Teacher Leadership

Teachers perform many acts of kindness. They serve as mentors and inspire others. When we thank teachers for what they do, it is also important to acknowledge who they are! Think about the leadership attributes that teachers embody using this #ThinkingSheet . ​

Crayola Thinking Sheet_Teacher Appreciation - 5 Cs of Teacher Leadership.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Simple Steps to Card Making

While we encourage children to express appreciation and kindness all year long, May is a special time for them to celebrate their teachers. Students and their families can share their thanks with teachers by making cards that come from their hands and hearts using this #ThinkingSheet . ​

Crayola Thinking Sheet Teacher Appreciation_Card Making.pdf