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Thinking Sheet: Learning During Unusual Times

Consider a challenge or change that you experienced during the past year. Create a Challenge and Change story that expresses the emotions you felt. Consider how over several generations, historic events have changed the way people work, celebrate, and learn. Capture this moment so you can...

Crayola Thinking Sheets_Learning During Unusual Times.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: SEEK the Artist’s Intent

Artists communicate messages through the use of composition, colors, patterns, and symbols. Respond to these questions to reveal the artist’s intent and the messages the art conveys. How can students use their visual voice to convey messages that spark positive change? Explore this question and...

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_SEEK the Artist's Intent.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Do You See What I See?

Public artwork can convey meaning and emotion that brings communities together. Using this #ThinkingSheet , present your point of view about a piece of public art. Research the artwork and share your findings. Then create a sketch for a new sculpture or mural that you would like to see...

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_Do You See What I See.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Unplugged Play

Create an advocacy message and icon that helps encourage unplugged play at home and school. What visuals could quickly convey the message that kids learn from play? Explore more with this #ThinkingSheet .

Crayola Thinking Sheet_School Family Conversations_Unplugged Play.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: See My Voice

Look around your community and school for examples of students’ voices being seen and heard. What are some issues that matter to them? How might their voices be shared and amplified? Have students create their own advocacy art on something they care about deeply using this #ThinkingSheet ....

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_See My Voice.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: See the World from Many Perspectives

Artists communicate through visual messages. Have students explore the ways artists show children playing, eating, and learning around the world. Then create a drawing of an event or activity that would help others around the world understand them and their community or culture using this ...

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_See the World from Many Perspectives_final.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Shaping Caring Messages for the World

Have students respond to the needs of people in your community and the broader world with messages that can help. What problems might be solved with creativity, communication, and collaboration? Explore more using this #ThinkingSheet .

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_Shaping Caring Messages for the World_final..pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Making Local-Global Connections

Have students connect their favorite activities with similar experiences they believe others around the world might have, then sketch pictures that show experiences that are similar and different using this #ThinkingSheet .

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_Making Local-Global Connections_final.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Global Citizenship and Sustainability Goals

How do others around the world show they care about people, the planet, and set goals for its protection? Using this #ThinkingSheet , have students create a poster or sign that will communicate their sustainability goals.

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_Global Citizenship and Sustainability Goals_final.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Planning a Surprise

What surprises delight you? What surprises frighten or embarrass you? How does connecting surprise with feelings help you plan wonderful surprising experiences? Explore these questions and more with this #ThinkingSheet ​​

Planning a Surprise Thinking Sheet.pdf