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Thinking Sheet: The 5 Cs of Teacher Leadership

Teachers perform many acts of kindness. They serve as mentors and inspire others. When we thank teachers for what they do, it is also important to acknowledge who they are! Think about the leadership attributes that teachers embody using this #ThinkingSheet . ​

Crayola Thinking Sheet_Teacher Appreciation - 5 Cs of Teacher Leadership.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Simple Steps to Card Making

While we encourage children to express appreciation and kindness all year long, May is a special time for them to celebrate their teachers. Students and their families can share their thanks with teachers by making cards that come from their hands and hearts using this #ThinkingSheet . ​

Crayola Thinking Sheet Teacher Appreciation_Card Making.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Because of You

Teachers have enduring influence on people’s lives. The ways they help children become knowledgeable, capable, caring, and responsible leave long-lasting impressions on everyone. This #ThinkingSheet is a great way for students and their families to reflect on the impact a teacher has made. ...

Crayola Thinking Sheet_Teacher Appreciation_Because of You.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Every Leader Creates Relationships

Use the CREATE™ Relationships framework to discuss examples of each of the six behaviors and suggest ways students build these leadership skills using this #ThinkingSheet . ​

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_Every Leader Creates Relationships.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Include Many Voices to Create Change

Student leadership teams can identify and solve problems, especially when many voices are heard. Have students create a plan for organizing student leadership groups and a visual progress chart for the projects each group will address using this #ThinkingSheet . ​

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_Include Many Voices to Create Change.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: The Art of Leadership

How are mindsets and habits of artists similar to leadership skills? Have students create a sketch note using lines, shapes, and colors to show the similarities using this #ThinkingSheet as inspiration. ​​

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_The Art of Leadership.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: Leadership Qualities

How would your students describe themselves if you asked them to create a portrait that represents the leadership qualities they embody? Encourage them to think about how gender and cultural bias can influence how leaders are described, and respond to negative words that are often used to...

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_Leadership Qualities.pdf

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Getting Started with Crayola Thinking Sheets

Here are some exciting new Crayola Thinking Sheets and prompts to help you integrate them into your day-to-day learning. Thinking Sheet: Seek the Artist’s Intent Artists communicate messages through the use of composition, colors, patterns, and symbols. Respond to these...

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Thinking Sheet: Learning During Unusual Times

Consider a challenge or change that you experienced during the past year. Create a Challenge and Change story that expresses the emotions you felt. Consider how over several generations, historic events have changed the way people work, celebrate, and learn. Capture this moment so you can...

Crayola Thinking Sheets_Learning During Unusual Times.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: SEEK the Artist’s Intent

Artists communicate messages through the use of composition, colors, patterns, and symbols. Respond to these questions to reveal the artist’s intent and the messages the art conveys. How can students use their visual voice to convey messages that spark positive change? Explore this question and...

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_SEEK the Artist's Intent.pdf