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Portraits Show Who We Are: Student Thinking Sheet

Portraits can help show who we are, and how we feel. Have students create a self-portrait and include words in the image. Students can share their portrait with others and ask them to describe what they see and what they would like to know about the art and the artist using this Thinking Sheet. ...

Handout_Portraits Show Who We Are_October webinar.pdf

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The Me You Don’t See and Where I’m going: Thinking Sheet for Students

Encourage students to reflect on what others don’t see or know about them. Have them sketch and write about their vision for their future, then map out pathways that could help them reach those goals. Looking at goals with a long-term view and forming a plan helps students develop self...

Handout_The Me You Don’t See and Where I’m Going_October webinar.pdf

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When Something Is Created, Something Bigger Happens Thinking Sheet

Use this Thinking Sheet to start a conversation with students around when they felt really proud of something they created. What was it? What inspired them? Why did they feel proud? How might teachers and family members help boost their creative confidence? #2020 #FeaturedResource ...

TS for students_Something Bigger Happens.pdf

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The Creativity Hour: Social-Emotional Learning Games Certificate of Completion

Attended our Creativity Hour: Social-Emotional Learning Games on May 21, 2020? Download your Certificate of Completion! #2020 #Webinar #Certificate #Download #SocialEmotionalLearning


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Emotions Alive - Design Thinking Activity

Finding ways to discuss feelings can help children recognize and manage emotions. In this project, children will have fun as they design a card game that weaves social and emotional responses into the game play to help build understanding of themselves and others. The game will focus on...

5-4-2020 DESIGN THINKING - Emotions Alive.pdf

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Gifts of Kindness PDF: Crayola Create-to-Learn Family Projects

When children think about what they can do to help others they learn about responsibility and kindness. In this at-home project, children will create kindness gifts for family members, friends, and neighbors, and then wrap them in homemade wrapping paper. Watch the video for this family...

Gifts of Kindness_Animated Video Project_final.pdf

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Buddies Keep Me Company PDF: Crayola Create-to-Learn Family Projects

Stories help children see situations from others’ perspectives. This at-home project will help children learn more about their own emotions and provide a way for them to empathize with the way other people feel. Children and family members will explore how understanding the different...

Buddies Keep Me Company_Animated Video Project_final.pdf

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Crayola Art and Social Emotional Learning Webinar Series Flyer

Help students and families create and connect to social emotional learning with a new series of five 90-minute web courses from Crayola that explore the intersection between art and social emotional competencies. Download the flyer to learn more! #2020 #Download ...