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Winter Activity Ideas

We stumbled across this great list of 31 Days of Winter Activities for Kids from the Artful Parent and we love the way it's categorized. As we head into the holidays in this difficult year, hopefully, You can some additional color and joy to your season by bringing these great creative ideas...

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STEAM Essential Questions: Student Thinking Sheet

Why are #STEAM careers important? How can students build creative thinking skills and a growth mindset to come up with innovative solutions to real-world problems? Explore these and many other essential questions using this #ThinkingSheet

Student Thinking Sheet_ STEAM Essential Questions_Nov 2020 webinar.pdf

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"i" on Innovation: Student Thinking Sheet

Innovators and inventors investigate, inquire, infer, inspire and improve. What #STEAM behaviors do you exhibit as a learner and problem solver? Encourage students to identify their strengths using this #ThinkingSheet ​

Student Thinking Sheets_I on Innovation_ Nov 2020.pdf

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STEAM Design Innovations: Student Thinking Sheet

Have children consider where new products come from and how #STEAM teams work together to meet unmet needs. Ask them to look around their house, school, or community and imagine how an everyday item could be improved using this innovative #ThinkingSheet .​ ​ #2020

Student Thinking Sheet_Design Innovations_Nov 2020 webinar.pdf

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STEAM Design Thinking Project Plan: For the Birds

Birds are some of nature’s finest recycled materials artists. They creatively use natural elements such as sticks, grass, moss, mud, and feathers to build their nests, and sometimes incorporate items discarded by humans such as string, yarn, and plastic. In this project, children observe and...

Design Thinking_IDEA_For The Birds_final.pdf

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Boston Nonprofit Gives Back to Children in Their Community with At-Home Learning Kits

Nicole DaSilva and Bobby DeDominicis hand out Crayola Create-to-Learn Family Project kits at the Boston Centers for Youth & Families center on Paris Street in East Boston, to families with children in kindergarten up to fifth grade With a goal to distribute supplies to encourage...

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All the Best Moves PDF: Crayola Create-to-Learn Family Projects

When you add the arts to STEM, you get STEAM! Children can use the five STEAM disciplines, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, to explore living and non-living organisms. In this downloadable lesson, children will use observation and creative thinking to create a game focused on...

All the Best Moves_Animated Video Project_final (2).pdf