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Thinking Sheet: Learning During Unusual Times

Consider a challenge or change that you experienced during the past year. Create a Challenge and Change story that expresses the emotions you felt. Consider how over several generations, historic events have changed the way people work, celebrate, and learn. Capture this moment so you can...

Crayola Thinking Sheets_Learning During Unusual Times.pdf

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Thinking Sheet: SEEK the Artist’s Intent

Artists communicate messages through the use of composition, colors, patterns, and symbols. Respond to these questions to reveal the artist’s intent and the messages the art conveys. How can students use their visual voice to convey messages that spark positive change? Explore this question and...

Crayola Student Thinking Sheet_SEEK the Artist's Intent.pdf

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Create-to-Learn Family Projects: Hand-Drawn Selfies Activity

Selfie photos are popular today. Hand-drawn selfies provide more opportunities to explore self-identity, experiment with what represents a person, and examine “the self” others see. Link to Spanish Language Version #AtHomeLearning #homelearning #2020 #Video #CrayolaAtHome ...

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STEAM Parent Tips from Crayola

STEAM doesn't need to stay in the classroom. Extend learning at home and beyond with these easy parent tips! Taken from the Crayola STEAM for 21st Century Learners Family Engagement kit for Grades 3-5. #2019 #CrayolaAtHome #Process #Resource #artintegration #creativity ...