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Family Project: Remember Our Veterans

Remember Our Veterans Investigate the roles brave men and women have played in your nation's history as you learn about patriotic holidays. SUPPLIES NEEDED Brushes Cup Or Bottle Paper Towels Recycled Material Washable Fine Line Markers ...

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STEAM Design Innovations: Student Thinking Sheet

Have children consider where new products come from and how #STEAM teams work together to meet unmet needs. Ask them to look around their house, school, or community and imagine how an everyday item could be improved using this innovative #ThinkingSheet .​ ​ #2020

Student Thinking Sheet_Design Innovations_Nov 2020 webinar.pdf

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Uncover & Unleash Students’ Creative Potential PDF

In today’s classrooms, educators inspire future technological and social innovators, artists, and policymakers. How can their creativity be fueled so they reach their full creative potential? Read how to uncover students’ creative potential in this article from NAESP’s Principal Magazine. ...

Uncover Student Creative Potential_research to practice article.pdf

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Portraits Show Who We Are: Student Thinking Sheet

Portraits can help show who we are, and how we feel. Have students create a self-portrait and include words in the image. Students can share their portrait with others and ask them to describe what they see and what they would like to know about the art and the artist using this Thinking Sheet. ...

Handout_Portraits Show Who We Are_October webinar.pdf

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The Me You Don’t See and Where I’m going: Thinking Sheet for Students

Encourage students to reflect on what others don’t see or know about them. Have them sketch and write about their vision for their future, then map out pathways that could help them reach those goals. Looking at goals with a long-term view and forming a plan helps students develop self...

Handout_The Me You Don’t See and Where I’m Going_October webinar.pdf

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News About Me and What I See: Thinking Sheet for Students

Students are exposed to news stories daily, and are often tasked with interpreting what they read. How could creating an index card story series that illustrates and reports on the news in their life help to capture a snapshot of current events that builds understanding of themselves, others,...

Handout_News About Me And What I See_October webinar.pdf

WEBINAR: Gifts from Hand and Heart

Gifts of Kindness are special when they come from our head, hands and heart. Join us as we discuss the benefits of this mindset among educators, students and families. Together, we will explore different ideas you can use to inspire kindness in your learning environments. Participants will...

 12-15-2020 | 16:00 - 17:00 ET

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Intentional Writing Framework: Thinking Sheet PDF

This Intentional Writing Framework uses visuals as springboards and asks writers to plan the intent, intended audience, voice, and then to pick a genre. Have students select a piece of art and then use this Thinking Sheet to create their story! #2020 #ThinkingSheet #FeaturedResource...

Handout_Intentional Writing Framework_October webinar (2).pdf

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Portraits As Springboards for Writing: Thinking Sheet

What genre could students use to use to tell their personal story? How might portrait images inspire different stories? Visual and written literacy work together to create a powerful narrative in this Thinking Sheet for students. #2020 #FeaturedResource #ThinkingSheet ...

Handout_Portraits As Springboards_October webinar.pdf