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Phrases And Words To Avoid In Academic Assignments

Are you writing an academic paper?

Going to embark on the journey of writing a dissertation or a scientific research paper?

If yes, then this blog post is the perfect place because it is going to illuminate you in the most unusual way by introducing you to some unusual words and phrases, which have to be avoided in the academic assignments. Some of these words and phrases are specially restricted because they mix up the clarity and curtness of scholarly or academic writing. If you have a habit of saying some clichés, you will end up putting in your essay writing service. it becomes hard to resist while writing essays.

Before you scroll any further, remember that academic writing is much different from regular writing, and if you regularly keep yourself updated with the research reports and scientific papers, you must be knowing that there is a certain set of expectations associated with the academic assignments. 

  • Contractions

Would’ve, can’t, isn’t, you’ve appeared too much informal and indecent. The scholarly audience is likely to get highly disappointed if you will use such words. When you are writing an academic paper, there’s a certain amount of expertise that is expected from you. Use the original forms of these words and avoid contractions.

  • Cliches

Cliches used in everyday speech do not render an academic and scholarly touch to your assignment or paper if you use it. Readers also tend to overlook these exaggerated words and the writers appear uninterested. 

Oversimplified claims

Totalizing words, for instance, ‘always’ and ‘never’ will lend a weak character to your academic writing because these oversimplified claims generalize the results of your findings. 

For instance, 

Artificial intelligence will always surpass humans in their communicative and technical abilities. 

In the above sentence, the world always makes the writing seems like not enough research has been done. In reality, this is not always the case and this claim is not backed up by strong evidence. 

Pompous claims

Take a look at this sentence.

The end objectives of a scientific paper must be in line with the proposed theoretical framework. 

In the above example, the word ‘must’ makes it look like an order which is not suggested in academic writings. 

Will it take time for you to get rid of this habit where you use all those words and phrases in your academic assignments?

If yes, then feel free to contact the ‘write my essay online services who are 24/7 willing and ready to help you write an outstanding academic paper. 

Taboo and Curse words

MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT USE ANY inappropriate or offensive words when composing academic writing. Avoid any slang or curse words.

Gendered language

Publication rules in the western world signify that there’s a higher chance of getting published in renowned journals if you will make use of a gender-neutral language. Make sure to remove gender bias from occupation as well, for instance, instead of firemen, you can write firefighters. 


Words such as ‘very’, ‘extremely’, ‘highly’, and ‘literally’ are known as intensifiers and these tend to create unnecessary overstatements. If you want to convey your academic perspective in an effective manner, then you must use potent words without adding extra emphasis. There are multiple reasons you must stay away from clichés. If you ask a professional writer, ‘write my essay for me’ you will never find any cliché in that essay. This is because they know:

Repetitive words and phrases 

If there are repetition and redundancy in your paper, then there is a 100% chance that the readers will lose interest and you might appear as an ineffective writer who failed to persuade and convince his or her readers through the use of various sound arguments and different logics and innovative ideas. Befriend pronouns, remain concise, listen to what you have written, and practice variety in your academic assignments. 

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