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    RE: Nervous 5yr old

    Hi, My son sometimes gets frustrated also., Building helps him. My husband and I got him duplos which keep him busy and when he is stress help him relax. I have several things like paints, crayon, playdough, and games I bring out when he or my daughter might be stressed. Youtube video might help, ...

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    Nervous 5yr old

    My niece is always very anxious or nervous , I've tried talking to explain that I , her mom and grandma all feel this way but she still picks and scratch's herself. Does anyone have an art project to help her ? ------------------------------ Cassandra Koers WI ------------------------------

  • Welcome @Jade Q . ​ It's so cool that you take such a big interest in sharing art and education with your Niblings (recently learned this genderless word for niece/nephew from an Every Little Thing podcast - any fans?).  I love your template - I am going to pull some of my favorite quotes and see ...

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  • Hi everyone!  I saw someone do this on my nextdoor community so I wanted to start it here in the Crayola Community!  As a way to get to know everyone, let's leverage this discussion thread and share a little bit about ourselves and what you are hoping to find within this community.  My name is Jade ...

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