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REPLY to ENTER: A Creative Perspective

  • 1.  REPLY to ENTER: A Creative Perspective

    Posted 02-10-2020 07:50

    Creative Experiences Drive Family Engagement
    Learn the 4 C’s of Family Engagement with this short, fun Creativity Connects Schools and Families video. See why arts-integrated schools have higher family engagement and participation.

    Champion: Together parents and educators act as champions for their student’s success.
    Conducive: Ensure schools and classrooms welcoming so family wish to participate.
    Co-Educate: Focus on and build strong home-to-school connections.
    Commitment: The efforts need to be deep and sustainable.

    “Families can see the impact that the arts had on their children so it [arts-integration] has definitely transformed our community, our parents and influenced them in a very positive way.”
    Debbie Broadnax, Principal Power Springs Elementary

    Recycle Inventions
    On February 11th focus students’ creativity on concocting a new contraption for National Inventor’s Day. This exciting and curious lesson plan uses the creative inventions of Leonardo daVinci to inspire imaginative problem-solving as your student’s design, construct, and paint their own invention.

    In preparation for re-creating a daVinci-like model, students collect recyclables such as wood and foam produce trays. Then they sketch ideas for an invention made with these recycled items. Start with an idea and fit the materials to it or look at the items and decide what to make.

    Using Model Magic, tempera paints, construction paper and markers in conjunction with their recycled and collected artifacts, students create, name and define the uses or instructions for their inventions.

    *REPLY TO ENTER: Shine some light - Show us your inventors and their inventions. Share photos, lessons-learned, adaptations or artifacts from this lesson plan to help other educators and students maximize their opportunities.

    The Link Between Art and Math
    Turns out the relationship between math and art may be earlier than most people realize. As explained in Art and Math: Aesthetics of Calculations, by Rute Ferrira, Geometric patterns are pretty common in pre-Colombian cultures but see we see the connection mature in the Renaissance period when artists and students began leveraging mathematics to improve the perspective and the realism of their work.

    *REPLY TO ENTER:  Help other educators - Do you LOVE math & art? We’d love to hear why and how you use art-integration techniques to bring subjects and topics together to further engage your students. Tell us your experiences with students who used art and creativity to find success in other areas.

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