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Do Something Nice (for your fellow educators) Day!

  • 1.  Do Something Nice (for your fellow educators) Day!

    Posted 10-05-2019 08:52

    Often we focus so much on teaching our children, that we forget that it’s important to apply those same lessons to ourselves. This Do Something Nice Day, let’s model our SEL lessons by spreading the kindness to our fellow educators! Here’s some tips from Angela Stockman at Education on the Edge:

    1. If your parking space is closer to the building, offer it to someone who really needs it.
    2. Buy a few different condiments, some soft drinks, bottled water, or yogurt. Leave them in the staff room fridge with a note inviting all to use.
    3. Sweep your room for books, resources, tools, and supplies that you no longer need. Email staff to let them know what you have, and invite them to drop by and grab them up.
    4. Write your custodian, school counselor, lunch room staff, or school administrative assistants a note of thanks.
    5. Tell your building principal what you appreciate most about him or her.
    6. Buy nice soap or hand lotion for the staff restroom.
    7. Add a little cash to a colleague’s lunch account.
    8. Leave some quarters by the vending machines or staff coffee pot.
    9. Genuinely compliment three colleagues daily until you’ve spoken with all of them.
    10. Challenge yourself to smile at every person you pass in the hall.
    11. Bring a colleague a cup of coffee or tea and a link to your favorite podcast, poem, or playlist.
    12. Be the colleague who shares great jokes or cartoons.
    13. Give copies of your favorite children’s books to teachers who are expecting new babies.
    14. Host a lesson or unit planning potluck dinner in your room on a regular basis.
    15. Decorate a colleague’s door or desk.
    16. Bring someone flowers from your garden.
    17. Support teachers who devote their lives to service and charity work. Particularly those who help students do the same. Leverage your own social media accounts to help their values go viral.
    18. Take over lunch or hall duty, offer to proctor an exam, or chaperone a dance.
    19. Sing your colleague’s praises to your building principal or superintendent, using very specific examples of their awesomeness.
    20. Do you know a teacher who blogs or publishes their writing in another online forum? Read. Comment. Encourage others to do the same.

    Tell us what you would add to this list! And if you choose to spread kindness today, whether it be to a fellow educator or to your students, share photos with us in the comments below!

    Nancy Meyer
    Innovative Teaching and Learning Manager
    Stamford CT