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Blow off some STEAM at Recess with Playground Physics!

  • 1.  Blow off some STEAM at Recess with Playground Physics!

    Posted 11-04-2019 06:07
    When you think of recess, you might not associate it with learning. But our Playground Physics lesson plan is a great example of how you can encourage students to apply STEAM protocols to everyday places and activities to encourage growth across educational disciplines. Most of us know that simple machines often make our workload lighter, but don’t forget, they also make our lives more exciting! There are few places that highlight this learning opportunity better than your school’s playground.

    Playground Physics lesson plan

    Use this lesson plan to learn about inclined planes, pulleys, levers, and wedges, then take this new understanding to recess to identify how simple machines improve the students’ recreational time.  After this hands-on research, challenge your class to imagine a better playground and design, draw, or model new equipment that leverages simple machines and reflects their personality and favorite pastimes.

    What inventions and innovations did your class bring to the table? Which piece of playground equipment received the most improvements? What did you learn about your students in this exercise? Share their sketches and thoughts with us!

    Annie Moncure
    Platform Manager