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Respond to Win – Creating a Limitless Classroom!

  • 1.  Respond to Win – Creating a Limitless Classroom!

    Posted 01-13-2020 07:46

    Tips for Parents: As educators we’re always looking for simple resources that help parents understand the importance of Family Engagement in their student’s development and preparing children for 21st century careers. Share these Parent Tips for Infusing STEAM (taken from 3-5 STEAM Family kit) with your class to help encourage more participation at home.

    Today, January 13th, is Clean Off Your Desk Day: Introduce this holiday to bring a little organization and a whole mess of fun to your classroom. This surprising and frothy tip from Minds in Bloom has students using shaving cream to write and draw on their desks while cleaning them! And while they’re all lathered in shaving cream, you can leverage some of these suggestions for Organizing Your Teacher Desk Workspace to make your space more comfortable and effective.

    *CHANCE TO WIN – Share photos of students sharing responsibility for the classroom, a perfectly organized nook, or how you used these tips to tidy up this New Year!

    If We’re Not Struggling, We’re Not Learning: Often as educators and parents, we naturally look for opportunities to reduce the roadblocks faced in learning and social environments. Turns out, this often may not be the best approach – This learning research, Why Struggle is Essential for the Brain – and Our Lives, finds that mistakes and struggle support brain growth and connectivity.

    “We cannot achieve anything creative without being comfortable with mistakes and struggle… When we adopt a limitless perspective, with a willingness to learn from others and with a flexible approach to problems, outcomes improve—in learning and in life.”

    *CHANCE TO WIN – How do you feel about these findings? Is this exemplified in your classroom? Share a personal or student story of someone who found their success through struggle.

    Make Your Thinking Visible: Working with your Creative Leadership Team, leverage our Visual Thinking Map to sketch out your team’s goals for improvement. As a group, discuss differing perspectives, benchmark your current standing, define goals and programming, and identify partnership and funding opportunities. This process helps the whole school to define what success looks like and work collaboratively to meet goals and leverage opportunities that will make a visible improvement in your school. *Bonus chance to win – Share your completed Visual Thinking Map outlining your school’s goals and opportunities.

    Roy G.
    Community Host
    Easton PA

  • 2.  RE: Respond to Win – Creating a Limitless Classroom!

    Posted 01-15-2020 13:12
    I really liked the research behind Why Struggle is Essential for the Brain.  I have always told my students that they learn more from their mistakes than they do from getting everything right all the time!

    Jenna Winburn
    ESL Teacher
    Bartlett Elementary
    Bartlett TN