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Support Social Emotional Learning: Webinar, Kits, & Activities

  • 1.  Support Social Emotional Learning: Webinar, Kits, & Activities

    Posted 06-26-2020 07:26

    Colorfully Animated Video Resources
    As you know, children and students at every developmental stage need creative experiences to foster social and emotional learning. Recognizing feelings is important in the early years. Middle schoolers toggle between childhood and adulthood and need many ways to express their voices.

    At every age, making thinking visible is a useful strategy for understanding self and others. Help children build social and emotional skills with this Animated Activity Playlist featuring: "Everyone Has Feelings", "The Best of Me", and "If I Was There".

    REPLY to Participate: Which is your favorite video from the playlist? Why did you find it most useful? What other types of videos and content would you like to see to help children express their feelings and prevent learning loss during these challenging times?

    Help Students Understand Self and Others

    Art-integration projects support opening an important dialogue about exploring personal identity, respecting diversity, and visualizing the person within using unconventional portraits. Explore Create-to-Learn Writing Kits that help youth address others' perceptions of them and change the narrative.

    Social Emotional Learning Games Pre-recorded Webinar
    Find opportunities to help develop self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship skills using arts integration experiences. Watch this free #SEL Webinar on-demand to explore ideas for over 12 fun and easy social-emotional learning games and activities.

    REPLY to Participate: What was your most important takeaway from this webinar? How are you helping families social-emotional learning experience at-home this summer? How can the Crayola Team support your efforts?

    Hand Drawn Selfies Activity + Share your Selfie!
    Use this fun Hand-Drawn Selfies Activity to encourage students to explore their self-identity by creating hand drawn selfies! Watch this quick video activity, then REPLY to this Discussion to share their portraits with us, tagging #Artifact to include it in the Gallery.

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  • 2.  RE: Support Social Emotional Learning: Webinar, Kits, & Activities

    Posted 10 hours ago
    Bookmarking this for future reference! :)

    Rebeka Smith
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