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  • 1.  RESPOND TO WIN – STEAM-spiration!

    Posted 01-27-2020 07:48

    Creativity Hour Webinar with Dr. Crayola and more…

    Build up some STEAM with Crayola Education experts, @Dominique Young, @James Wells, Dr. Crayola (@Keith Allison) as well as a host of innovative educators including @Theo Quinones, @Ron Woodard, @Joannah Sampson  and @Shawna Longo in this fun and colorful creatED Creativity Hour recorded webinar.

    Hear about arts-integrated strategies and how to identify and leverage educational trends from some of the most groundbreaking educators. Learn about school culture and climate – the influence and impact that arts and how to successfully and meaningfully integrate arts throughout the subjects you teach and support.

    Help other educators - What actionable information or strategy did you hear that you will be integrating into your approach? What were you hoping they’d touch on (but didn’t), or wish they had dove deeper into?

    Cool New Tools for School

    As cutting-edge educators, we wanted you to be among the first to know about a colorful new product line made specifically for School Projects. Each product is specially designed, with quick-drying technology (less than 6 seconds) for posters, signs and science fair presentations.



    Quick-Dry Paint Sticks: A less messy alternative that goes on smooth, requires no water and dries in no time!

    Easy Peel Crayon Pencils: Designed with amazing coverage, quick-dry technology and easy peel barrels so that sharpening is never needed!  

    Glitter Markers: Add an extra dazzling touch to projects, homemade cards, crafts, and colorful art projects with 6 shimmering shades: Silver Sparkle, Emerald Zest, Blue Blazes, Violet Glitz, Fire Flecks, and Gold Medal.

    XL Poster Markers (Classic Colors) & XL Poster Markers (Bright Colors): Supersized markers perfect for a variety of full-coverage art projects. Student presentations will stand out with crisp, super thick lines with these bold, extra-wide chisel tips.

    Paintbrush Pens: A terrific less-mess alternative to traditional painting, since the washable kids' paints in red, yellow, green, blue and purple, are contained inside the pens

    Hint: If you’re been participating in our discussions this month, you’ll be entered to receive all of the amazing new Crayola Project items above!! Great to have on hand for class projects or adding a little color to your décor.

    Inspire Hearts with Art

    As teachers, we know that art is a powerful motivator and an inspiring communication tool that allows growing minds to express ideas, create historic artifacts and highlight emotion they might otherwise have kept inside. On January 31st, feed that connection in your classroom with a celebration for one of our favorite national holidays, Inspire Your Heart with Art Day!

    Start with this easy Watercolor Calendar that gets students utilizing math skills like measurement, while helping them get organized for the new semester.


    Then have students combine art skills with their favorite subjects, hobbies, music, and food to bring their notebooks back to life with DIY Stickers!


    To keep the fun going, we’ve compiled over 100, easy Create it Yourself project idea videos to spark bright ideas and excite new arts-integrated learning opportunities in your classroom (and at home). *RESPOND TO WIN: Shine some light - Share a story about a student who has been inspired by art in your room. How has art connected the dots for a student that was struggling with a specific objective or task?

    To help inspire and support YOU, the Crayola Professional Development team, @James Wells and @Nancy Meyer, wanted to share one of their favorite tools for outlining the 5 Pillars of Creative Teaching and Learning, part of our professional learning approach that gives educators the knowledge, tools and inspiration to expand the role of creativity in learning.

    *RESPOND TO WIN: Help other educators - How do you use the 5 Pillars of Creative Teaching & Learning in your work? Which pillars were/are a challenge? What successes have you experienced?

    Roy G.
    Community Host
    Easton PA

  • 2.  RE: RESPOND TO WIN – STEAM-spiration!

    Posted 02-07-2020 11:54
    All of these new products looks like so much and will encourage students to want to learn!

    Rasheeda Hancock
    Philadelphia School District