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REPLY to WIN: Advocate for ART!

  • 1.  REPLY to WIN: Advocate for ART!

    Posted 03-16-2020 07:49

    Advocate for Art!
    Want some ideas on how to increase your impact and more effectively gain peer and leadership buy-in for art-infused teaching and learning methods? Become an Art Advocate! This short Art Advocacy video walks you through how to share your ideas in a concise and compelling way, working collaboratively in your school and community to create visible change.

    REPLY to WIN: Share your experiences with your colleagues and community members – How do you advocate for art in your school and classroom? What have you learned from your initiatives? Any struggles or pitfalls that others should be considering in their efforts?

    Bring STEAM to Your School
    Looking to infuse STEAM into your teaching but not sure how to get started? Check out these 5 quick tips from our friends at Maker Maven and some tools to try from the creatED Community.

    1. Leverage existing resources (like the creatED Resource Library).
    2. Reach out to your community for support and volunteers (find others in the directory).
    3. Collaborate with your campus and community (ask for insights from your Educator’s Community).
    4. Create a vision and a plan for your space (let our PD experts help).
    5. Be flexible and creative (get recognized for your ideas, creativity, and resources). 

    Wrapping up your end-of-school-year plans? Launch into summer with a STEAM program with Create-to-Learn kits, that students and families will be talking about all summer long!

    Impact of Reflective Discussions

    As outlined in this brief, collaborative opportunities, like project-based learning, strongly benefit students, but they are not without their challenges. A 2019 study published in the “International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education” followed students in their last year of primary school, finding reflective discussions “deepened self-knowledge and promoted competence building.” This practice also improved participation among students in the classroom.

    REPLY to WIN:
    Have you used Project-based Learning or reflective discussions in your classroom? What has been your experience? Do you see an improvement in participation or comprehension with your students? Share your understanding and knowledge.

    Roy G.
    Community Host
    Easton PA

  • 2.  RE: REPLY to WIN: Advocate for ART!

    Posted 03-17-2020 08:38
    After out state fair, we honor all of the blue ribbon winners in the arts education division at the school board meeting.  It is exciting for the students as well as the school board.

    Marica Shannon
    Art Instructor
    Mitchell High School

  • 3.  RE: REPLY to WIN: Advocate for ART!

    Posted 03-24-2020 09:39
    :) hello

    stephanie figueira

  • 4.  RE: REPLY to WIN: Advocate for ART!

    Posted 03-25-2020 08:05
    Welcome @stephanie figueira - What types of projects and activities are ​working on with this new focus on at-home learning? What ages or grades are your students? What types of resources would be helpful to you right now?

    Roy G.
    Community Host
    Easton PA

  • 5.  RE: REPLY to WIN: Advocate for ART!

    Posted 03-31-2020 15:14
    My students have special needs. My school is reaching out to provide a device for them to use in order to access distance learning. Even so, I want to give them opportunities to express themselves creatively. I plan to post a link to your site in Google Classroom. Are your videos compatible to be linked to GC?  I wish I could mail them a creative package with paper, a glue stick, crayons/colored pencils,  and a set of stencils to make sure they have supplies to participate. As it is, I'll most likely be encouraging them to visit their local Dollar Store to get what they can.

    Beth Kaumeyer
    Special ed, teacher
    Ontario/Montclair School District

  • 6.  RE: REPLY to WIN: Advocate for ART!

    Posted 04-02-2020 08:08
    Definitely add a standing weaving loom.  It could be constructed as a wood frame and even chicken wire to weave in an out of or just the frame with pegs so it can be warped.

    Kim Hyman
    Pittsfield public schools MA

  • 7.  RE: REPLY to WIN: Advocate for ART!

    Posted 04-01-2020 08:15

    I am working on building an outdoor classroom for our elementary school. I would love some additional ideas on how to incorporate more art-related activities that our students could benefit from. This is how I want to advocate and provide art in my community and for my students.

    Thank you,

    Tiffany Crook