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STEAM Project Starter: Design a School!

  • 1.  STEAM Project Starter: Design a School!

    Posted 11-05-2019 08:04

    The STEAM educational approach is so beneficial because it integrates the standard disciplines with the arts to foster creativity, problem-solving and collaboration. In the Classroom Idea Starter video below, students take on the role of architect to collaborate with designers, engineers, educators, and students to design an innovative school that meets learners’ needs. The video showcases how educators can present fun, engaging projects that reach across the learning landscape to improve teamwork, collective problem-solving and personal interactions.

    Using the four-step creative process—Create, Present, Respond, Connect—emphasizes collaboration as students define roles in the project and assess priorities to design an innovative new educational facility that better meets student needs while making school more exciting and meaningful, create their sketches and design a model, respond to each other’s designs, and connect what they learned to real issues that builders might face when designing a school (like accessibility and weather impacts).

    Through discussion and presentation of their concepts, students have to assess their own roles in the project, their creative results and seek insight and improvement in their process. Teachers can integrate these collaborative concepts with their own lesson plans by adjusting the constraints or building connections with additional subjects and topics.

    How do you encourage and support collaboration in the classroom? What tips do you use to help ensure a safe and comfortable team working environment?

    Annie Moncure
    Platform Manager