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Integrated Arts

  • 1.  Integrated Arts

    Posted 11-14-2018 19:27
    I am a true believer that a better way to learn anything is when it is integrated throughout the curriculum, and students can see the relationship of art to some of the other content that they are learning. This leads me to my question for all of you, how do you integrate art throughout your curriculum, at any grade level?

    Scott Spector
    Coordinator of Innovation and Academic Events
    Santa Barbara County Education Office

  • 2.  RE: Integrated Arts

    Posted 01-07-2019 23:49
    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for this question! We too at Crayola believe that student learning can be maximized through arts integrated instruction. We've developed a protocol, SEEK, to decode visuals for insights. This supports the development of inquiry and inference skills. A myth of arts integration is that one needs supplies to integrate . This is one approach that can be implemented without "art supplies". ​ What are some examples  you are seeing in Santa Barbara?


    James Wells
    Innovative Teaching and Learning Manager

  • 3.  RE: Integrated Arts

    Posted 01-09-2019 09:51
    ​Thank you for your question!

    I support the answer from my colleague James, and would add a reminder to encourage teachers to integrate the many forms of the arts as they relate to their curriculum.  Think about the many forms of visual art, dance and creative movement, drama and comedy, poetry and spoken word, puppetry, music in its many forms, video and film, to name the major players.  Making art is always a wonderful choice when possible, but learning how to appreciate and use presentations, performances, exhibits as text will impact students' critical thinking skills.  When authentic connections are made and learning happens in the curricular area and the arts, arts integration can indeed be a powerful tool.

    Nancy Meyer
    Innovative Teaching and Learning Manager
    Stamford CT