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Weekly Resources: Soaring vs. Sliding

  • 1.  Weekly Resources: Soaring vs. Sliding

    Posted 05-25-2020 07:59

    Weekly Family Project Video + Lesson: Late Arrivals

    Addressing the concept of time in stories helps children understand how sequence impacts the plotline of any story, whether it is real (non-fiction) or imaginary (fiction).

    In this week's at-home activity, children create illustrations that reflect the beginning, middle, and end of the story. The stories created help children understand time as a relative and absolute measure and the impact time can have on a story-personal, real, or imagined.

    REPLY to Participate: We encourage educators and families to ask questions, share artifacts, and access the expertise of @James Wells in the At-Home Learning Community Discussions.

    At-Home Learning Webinar
    Hopefully you were able to attend our At-home Learning webinar last week – it was great fun to focus on how creating educational games can support social and emotional learning. Just in case you were not able to join us, you can view the full recording right here!

    REPLY to Participate:
    Please share your feedback on the webinar – we’d love to hear how you plan to use the ideas and concepts! What takeaway was most impactful? How can the creatED Community use webinars and resources to better support your needs now, over the summer, and for back-to-school time?

    Soaring to New Heights

    This Paper Airplane Day (May 26th), use this high-flying #LessonPlan to invite students to observe pictures of airplanes and birds. Discuss and research the similarities and differences. Identify the basic parts that both birds and planes have, then have them create a paper airplane, experimenting with and adding the characteristics of birds.

    REPLY to Participate: Show the creatED Community your student #artifacts – what feedback would you give to help other educators and parents foster participation, experimentation and arts integration?

    Don't Let Students Dance the Corona Summer Slide
    "Making sure all students and families have access to appropriate, engaging mathematics and reading materials, instruction, and support during coronavirus closures is one important way we can prevent opportunity gaps from growing."

    Use the NWEA recommendations in The COVID-19 Slide brief, on how to help minimize the learning loss from Coronavirus this summer.

    Reply to Participate: How are you feeling about student success going into this summer? Do the recommendations in the article work for your situation? What suggestions would you add to this list to help your colleagues?

    Family Engagement Math Toolkits
    Combining art and math can help children understand prices and make good choices. In one activity from our Create-to-Learn Moved by Math kit, children create a collage to help them understand the difference between what they want and what they need. Children explain the art to other family members, describing the items, costs, nutritional and monetary value.

    The Moved by Math Kits use a project-based learning foundation so students learn important planning, design, and creativity skills supported by family.

    Acrostic Poem Lesson
    Writing an acrostic poem helps students showcase understanding and builds literacy skills. Each letter in a word starts a new line of poetry. The text always describes the word. For example, the word SUN might have an acrostic poem that reads Shining, Ultraviolet, Not seen at night.

    Use the Acrostic Poem Pals #LessonPlan to say THANK YOU to local heroes and encourage #SayitColorfully contributions to highlight on the community.

    May 30 is Creativity Day: Make Sure to #SayitColorfully
    What fun projects or activities are your students doing to celebrate their hometown heroes? Tag us in your posts using #SayitColorfully!

    How to Submit?
    Photo and video content can be shared by using this link (free account required), posting on social with #SayitColorfully, or emailing directly to the Crayola Education Team.

    What's next? Planning for the summer or next school year? Contact Crayola to help!
    No matter what challenges your school or district is currently facing, the @creatEDCrayola team wants to help. Share your plans for summer and back-to-school with us to see how our creative learning solutions can help meet your goals and close the gap.

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