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Weekly Resources: Webinar Registration, Challenge Submissions and More!

  • 1.  Weekly Resources: Webinar Registration, Challenge Submissions and More!

    Posted 05-18-2020 07:51

    Weekly Family Project Video & Lesson: If I Was There
    In this week's #CreatetoLearn #FamilyProjects we learn that stories that are personally relevant help children understand the difference between fact and fiction. Watch the video here, then using the downloadable PDF, create figurines to represent themselves, and illustrate scenes from a story as they imagine, "What if I was there?" This activity encourages children to make connections between their art, stories, and personal experiences.

    REPLY to Participate: We encourage educators and families to ask questions, share artifacts, and access the expertise of @James Wells in the At-Home Learning Community Discussions.

    REGISTER NOW: At-Home Webinar
    It's not too late to register for our upcoming at-home webinar, Social and Emotional Learning Games, on Thursday, May 21st, 11am EST!


    STEAM Challenge: Design an Innovative Product
    Looking for a fun and engaging end of the year project that students can do at home? Join the Crayola #STEAM Challenge!

    Encourage students to design an innovative new product that meets people's needs or solves a relevant problem. After firming up their idea, have them sketch it out and share their finished design with us!

    HOW to SUBMIT: Photo and video content can be shared by replying to this discussion, using this link to upload (free account login required), posting on social with #CrayolaSTEAMChallenge, or emailing directly to the Crayola Education Team!

    Drawing on Darwin

    Charles Darwin was a naturalist and geologist best known for his evolutionary theories. While visiting the Galapagos Islands he discovered amazing differences in sea shells. Using an art-integrated approach and this Charles Darwin's Findings #LessonPlan, prompt students to research Darwin and his findings then have fun creating their own colorful sea-turtle shell design using household materials.

    REPLY to Participate: Give your colleagues a tip! Share your favorite way to integrate art into subjects like social studies, science, math, or English. How do you encourage your students to create to learn? Upload their art here.

    #SayitColorfully Downloadable Coloring Pages

    Sometimes the biggest smiles come from a simple thanks. Download these fun, FREE #SayitColorfully Thank You Coloring Pages and share with your families to encourage students to share their gratitude with the heroes in their life!

    Share their finished artwork with us using #SayitColorfully!

    HOW to SUBMIT: Photo and video content can be shared by using this link to upload (free account login required), posting on social with #SayitColorfully, or emailing directly to the Crayola Education Team.

    That's Fantastical!
    Portraits can be realistic or fantastical, but they all reveal something about the subject and the artist. Creating portraits helps children notice the similarities and differences between images of people. In our Create-to-Learn Writing kit, children learn how to read portraits, then create self-portraits and personal stories.

    The literacy activity bundle includes colorful art supplies and an informational activity guide so families can practice curriculum concepts together-and have lots of fun too!
    REPLY to Participate: Share your experience with the Writing Art-Inspired Stories Kits. How have you integrated this tool into your at-home learning? If you're interested in hearing how the Crayola Family Engagement kits can support your student's learning goals, please tag @James Wells or email our Crayola Education Team for more details.

    Are you interested in being more involved with the Crayola creatED Community, its members, and experts? Please email the Crayola Education Team directly to find out how, together, we support educators, families, and students.         



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