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Weekly Resources: Honoring Flags, Promoting Pollinators & Bringing Beauty

  • 1.  Weekly Resources: Honoring Flags, Promoting Pollinators & Bringing Beauty

    Posted 06-08-2020 10:48

    Weekly Create-to-Learn Family Project Video + Lesson: All the Best Moves

    Encourage your child to use STEAM to explore living and non-living organisms. In this week's at-home activity, children use game-thinking to create an activity on how things move. "All the Best Moves" encourages children to move in playful new ways and to blend what they know with what they imagine. By combining their seemingly unrelated ideas, children build creative thinking skills.

    REPLY to Participate: Have you done any STEAM activities at home? What supplies did you use? What did your child create? We encourage educators and families to ask questions, share artifacts, and access the expertise of Crayolian @James Wells in the At-Home Learning Community Discussions.

    Pollinators Month Participation
    June is Pollinator's Month – Using the Flowers and Their Friends activity, take your child on a walk to study flower and plant parts like roots, stems, leaves and seeds to better understand the natural world. Learn what role each plays in the plant's life, then investigate how sight, smell, and shape effect which birds and insects pollinate various flowering plants before creating their own plant out of Model Magic!

    REPLY to Participate: Have you experimented with any of the lesson plans on How have you used them at home or at school? Try encouraging children to collect and create family recipes using honey as a way to expand this project at-home, creating cross-curricular opportunities to explore measurement and weight. Showcase your successes by sharing #artifacts and improvements.

    STEAM Activity: Dream Car
    Technology and transportation are fun and exciting STEAM-related topics that really get children revved up. From self-driving cars to amphibian roadsters, vehicles are evolving to meet ever-changing human needs. In one activity in the STEAM Create-to-Learn kit for Grades 3-5, students use the IDEA Design Thinking Process to create innovative new vehicles.

    Children learn to Identify, Define, Express, and Assess their ideas.

    REPLY to Participate:
    Every classroom has a student obsessed with cars and transportation! How did your enthusiasts show their excitement around this project? Did you find any improvements along the way? Help your colleagues make the most of this project by sharing advice, artifact, or questions.

    Making Life Beautiful Day: June 11th 

    Shifting your understanding and updating your perspectives is increasingly important in the current learning environment. Does something need to be perfect to be beautiful? How do imperfections make objects more interesting or unique? Use the Cracked Cups: Fractured Beauty activity to encourage your child to reflect on broken objects and create "fractured art," demonstrating that beauty can be found in unexpected change.

    REPLY to Participate: How have you integrated Crayola Lesson Plans into your at-home learning? If you're interested in exploring how the creatED Community and Crayola Resources can support your student's learning goals at-home or over the summer, please tag @James Wells or email our Crayola Education Team for more details.

    Foster a Positive Climate in a Virtual World

    "Even in a virtual environment, we can and should still measure school climate. Now more than ever, a positive school climate is necessary to help us maintain a school community that supports the well-being of faculty, staff and students and the continuation of high-quality instruction that is paramount to achieving educational goals."

    Read about strategies for building a learning environment that encourages collaboration and positive social and emotional outcomes in this shift to a more digital-focused world in this EdSurge article, How to Foster a Positive School Climate in a Virtual World.

    Honoring Flag Day on June 14th
    Explore state and national flags to find designs that demonstrate fractional color divisions with your children this Flag Day. After some leg-stretching worldwide exploration, support multiple literacies by using the Fraction Flags lesson plan to help children expand their math skills while designing their own flag.

    REPLY to Participate: Give your colleagues a tip! Share your favorite way to integrate art into subjects like social studies, science, math, or English. How do you encourage your children to integrate arts throughout their learning journey?

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