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Celebrating Citizenship, Art, and Math in Portsmouth

  • 1.  Celebrating Citizenship, Art, and Math in Portsmouth

    Posted 09-14-2019 08:01

    Happy Virginia Day, educators! How do you pull citizenship, the arts, and math together in a meaningful way for high school students?  Portsmouth Pubic Schools in VA has a plan. 


    It started with a conversation between @Fiona Nichols, Coordinator of Mathematics Education, and Endia Hatcher-Watkins, High School Mathematics Program Specialist, about how students might use the online calculator Desmos to do a project.  They devised a plan for students to create coloring book pages utilizing the math functions and formulas using Desmos, thus integrating math and art.  Once students have designed the coloring book pages, each high school will design a mathematical process to select ten pages to be included in a coloring book.  Copies of the coloring books and crayons will be part of an activity bag donated to a local women’s shelter, thus incorporating citizenship into the project. 


    “We like to task students with challenges embedded in real life. We want students to see that math is not just an algorithm. We want them to ask, ‘How do we use math to solve this kind of problem?’ We want them to work on projects that are workforce based and see how this project could lead to a career in graphic design,” says Nichols.


    Nichols and Hatcher-Watkins are currently looking for a small grant to help fund their citizenship-arts-math project. The cost of to fund this incredible project is around $500. 


    CreatED will be working with Portsmouth Public Schools this school year to build creative capacity through professional development.  


    Have resources you can share? Want to help fund the project? Comment below or email

    Nancy Meyer
    Innovative Teaching and Learning Manager
    Stamford CT