Tips for Building Confidence in Students

By Roy G. posted 04-09-2021 00:00

Please check out this insightful article from Wabisabi Learning: 

6 Ways of Building Student Confidence Through Your Practice

Set Goals Together "... self-confidence is largely based on our past experiences and is gradually reinforced by successes of all natures—social, emotional, intellectual, and more."
Encourage Self and Peer Assessment " them that responsibility for helping both themselves and others improve learning by encouraging ownership of it is a huge step toward building student confidence."
Give useful Feedback "Learning without getting actionable feedback for improvement isn't meaningful learning—it's learning by compliance, which is ultimately pointless."
Empty Their Heads "...get learners to unpack everything in their heads through review and open discussion to show them just how much they've accomplished."
Show That Effort is Normal "...the key thing that a struggling student has to have an awareness of is that even the so-called "smarter" kids have to work hard much of the time."
Celebrate Everyone's Success "Any kind of success in learning, no matter how big or small, deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated."

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