Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Classroom Supplies and Organization

By Donald Spellman posted 02-21-2019 00:30


Keeping your classroom organized and looking good will have a positive impact on the productivity of your students. As an educator, you should always be working to create a more positive learning environment. This will motivate your students to reach various academic achievements. Keep in mind that classrooms are where students spend nearly all of their time while they’re at school. Therefore, the way these spaces are organized has an impact on how much they will learn.

Organize Your Desk

Before you even start planning how the rest of the classroom will look, it’s important to first organize your desk. Know that since it represents the heart of the classroom, students will notice your organizational skills and maybe even get ideas for how to keep their desks clean. With that being said, it’s recommended to keep items on your desk to a minimum.

Save Your Jars and Containers

Using jars and other containers is a cheap and effective way to store your classroom supplies. For example, you can use mason jars to store anything from markers and crayons to paint brushes. The reason why mason jars are so good for storing supplies is because they provide you with a clear view of what’s in them.

Make a Supply List Every Year

In order to have the right supplies available in the classroom, you’ll have to make good supply lists at the beginning of each year. Make sure you track exactly which supplies were necessary and whether you ran out of anything.

Use Hanging File Folders

Using hanging file folders will make your job much easier. They can be used for various things, such as organizing graded work. Simply find a place in the classroom where you will keep them, label all of the hanging file folders with a number and assign a number to each student. Of course, they can also be used by students when they want to turn their homework in.

Store Supplies in Caddies

Caddies come in many different colors, which make them great for organizing supplies. You can find either three- or four-compartment models. And the best thing is that they don’t cost more than a few dollars. You can use them in various ways, like one for each student group. This way, you would be able to organize student groups by color and give each group a caddy with supplies.

Use Shoe Hangers to Store Cell Phones

One good way of ensuring that your students pay attention during class is to have them put away their phones once it starts. You can use a shoe rack to store smartphones. Simply get one that hangs on the wall and have your students place them in the rack and take a number from the slot. Make it known that the rule in your classroom is that students can’t come in if they don’t put their cell phones in the shoe hangers.

Store Supplies in Milk Crates

In case you’re looking for an inexpensive resource you can use to store everything from math manipulatives to electronics. You can even zip-tie several of them side-by-side to make a reading bench where students will be able to store their books.

Place Dice in Craft Boxes with Dividers

It seems like you can never have enough dice. Whenever you use them in class, a pair or two go missing. Nevertheless, you won’t have to worry about this problem if you use craft boxes with dividers for storing them.

Plastic Bags for Storing Math Games

Using educational math manipulative toys is a great way to introduce your students to new concepts in math. In order to have these games and toys at your disposal at all times, you can start storing them in plastic bags and hanging them on a towel rack.