Creativity in Brainstorming (with video lesson!)

By Bridget Spackman posted 10-02-2018 08:44


When I first begin to craft a lesson, the first thing that I think about is the WHY. The why is my purpose for the lesson and it is the foundation for how I create my lesson plans. In this writing lesson, the kids are focusing on being able to brainstorm a story for a personal narrative. The kids had the opportunity to talk about their stories with their partners and then start crafting their stories and illustrating them through the use of a flip book. 

I wanted my students to think of a film real where we see bits and pieces of a story. Giving them the opportunity to draw and use multiple forms of media can get them thinking more creatively and descriptively. 

I use a scaffolding technique to implement the gradual release model and focus on developing a lesson where I provide instruction for 20% of the time and my learners have the opportunity to practice with groups, partners or individually for 80% of the time.  During this time I focus on providing choice with materials and allowing my learners to be creative and show their personality through their learning.

The most important information… for me… is understanding how my learners come up with and craft their final projects. I spend a lot of time asking questions about their work and having them explain their thinking with individual conferences and by me simply walking around the room. By looking more closely at their thought process, I am able to determine at what capacity my learners are able to understand a skill. 

Giving my learners the opportunity to be creative takes the lesson to a much higher level. They are problem solving, thinking critically and are able to explain their thought process. Creativity allows for this lesson to be much more than just another writing assignment. Their writing comes to life even before they begin writing. 

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