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        At Crayola, our mission is to help families and educators raise creatively alive children. Using creative tools and experiences, we provide educators with innovative teaching strategies, parents with tips and techniques, and children with colorful tools that bring their imaginations to life. We believe in creativity in learning and would like to share the following resources to help families Create-to-Learn at-home

Art-Infused Lesson Plans 

For in-person or remote teaching and learning, Crayola offers thousands of art-infused lesson plans that can be easily adapted for any classroom experience (including virtual)!

For free project plan ideas and thinking sheets, Click HERE!

on-demand access to more than 1,700 Crayola lesson plans, Click HERE!

Parent Resources

Learn more about Crayola’s digital resources available for parents to explore new skills in art, math, reading and science with children, all while making family time a learning adventure.

Watch free, animated at-home learning videos on the Crayola YouTube Channel!


Create-to-Learn Kits

Schools and families are partners in learning. Explore these curriculum-connected kits designed for at-home learning. Perfect for supporting math, STEAM, and literacy skills while spending time together as a family!

Free Monthly Webinars

Each month, Crayola Education hosts an engaging, hands-on free webinar for educators and families to get ideas for infusing creative learning experiences at school and at home. Check back frequently for our monthly topic announcements!

Our upcoming free webinar, "STEAM for Remote Instruction: Innovation Everywhere," is on November 19th at 4pm EST. Register here!

Looking for the full list of webinars? Check out our Events Calendar!

At-Home Discussions

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    RE: Nervous 5yr old

    Hi, My son sometimes gets frustrated also., Building helps him. My husband and I got him duplos which keep him busy and when he is stress help him relax. I have several things like paints, crayon, playdough, and games I bring out when he or my daughter ...

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    Nervous 5yr old

    My niece is always very anxious or nervous , I've tried talking to explain that I , her mom and grandma all feel this way but she still picks and scratch's herself. Does anyone have an art project to help her ? ------------------------------ Cassandra ...

  • Welcome @Jade Q . ​ It's so cool that you take such a big interest in sharing art and education with your Niblings (recently learned this genderless word for niece/nephew from an Every Little Thing podcast - any fans?).  I love your template - I ...

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Our Create-to-Learn take-home kits combine colorful art supplies (enough for 3 projects in every kit)!

Looking for more videos like this? If you’ve previously purchased creatED Create-to-Learn kits
for your classroom or home, contact us to gain access to other videos.

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