About creatED

Welcome to creatED, Crayola’s Learning Platform!

We know how much you value collaborating with other creative teachers, so we established this Learning Platform to:

  • Inspire collaboration
  • Create creative confidence in the classroom
  • Drive student success through leadership and engagement
  • Offer a place to foster educator connections and support each other in day-to-day classroom instruction

Through the Crayola Educator Community, members can gather to continue discussions, problem solve and share resources that will help others. The Learning Platform has a Resource Library full of valuable videos and documents that can help you adopt the creatED Teaching and Learning Approach.

The Creative Learning platform is one of many creatED solutions. Crayola also provides:

Re-ignite your love of teaching and spark the love of learning throughout your school or district. Let’s get started on our art-infused journey!

Creative leadership framework

Pillars of Creative Learning